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Jun 6, 2006 Author: Tourist | Filed under: General, Queretaro

The State of    Queretaro is located in the heart of Mexico, just two hours away from Mexico City and its a treasure chest awaiting to be discovered.

Queretaro State is one of the smallest in extension in Mexico with a population of approximately 1’404,306 inhabitants, since its greatness rests so much in architecture, as its wealth in historical facts, its beautiful spots, its thermal waters and curative, large heights to escalate and also caverns to descend and explore.

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  • Quintana Roo

    Jun 6, 2006 Author: Tourist | Filed under: General, Quintana Roo

    The State of Quintana Roo is located in the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula at the southeastern tip of Mexico. It has a surface of 50,212 square kilometers and is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea in both north and east, bordering Belize to the south and Guatemala to the west with the State of Campeche and with the State of Yucatan.

    The name of Quintana Roo state, comes from Andrés Quintana Roo, a Mexican figure, who played an important role in the Independence movement and in the creation of the Republic.

    San Luis Potosi

    Jun 6, 2006 Author: Tourist | Filed under: General, San Luis Potosi

    The State of San Luis Potosí, is proud to offer to the tourism a rich inheritance historical and artistic, where the influence of the passed is notable in their habits and in the way of life of their inhabitants, simple people, opened and friendly, who will always receive you with open arms. Furthermore, it is counted on all the tourism facilities to make more burnished your stay.

    San Luis Potosi is located in the central portion of Mexico, between 34º 33′ and 21º 10′ of north latitude and 98º 21′ and 102º 15′ of west length. The Tropic of Cancer crosses it in the northern zone.


    Jun 6, 2006 Author: Tourist | Filed under: General, Sinaloa

    Sinaloa is a privileged land in Mexico, as much for its territorial extension as for the natural wealth that it has. Sinaloa has a surface area of 58,328 sq. kilometers split into 18 municipalities with a population of 2,536,844 inhabitants.

    Sinaloa is located between parallels 22º 22´ and 27º 18´ north latitude and 107º 13´ and 109º 02´ west longitude occupying the northern zone of the Mexican coast of the Pacific Ocean.


    Jun 6, 2006 Author: Tourist | Filed under: General, Sonora

    Sonora State is located in the northwest region of the Mexican Republic, and with its 182,052 km2 is the second State in territorial extension of Mexico.

    Within the jurisdiction of the State of Sonora are also important islands as those of Tiburón (Shark), Pelicano (Pelican) and San Esteban. Its political division compose it 565 municipalities with a population of approximately 2’216,969 inhabitants.