Strolling the city of Chihuahua is a trip back in time. As the capital of Mexico’s largest state with the same name, it is very important economically and politically. Originally inhabited by the indigenous Concho peoples, today it proudly displays its beautiful churches and homes, a rich legacy of the colonial period.

Where is Chihuahua, Mexico? Chihuahua is located 230 miles from Ciudad Juarez, bordering El Paso, Texas. Surrounded by mountain ranges, the city of Chihuahua offers various outdoor activities including golfing, touring abandoned mines, exploring caves, and walking through forests in search of photo opportunities.

If you seek luxury, there are several options in Chihuahua. Numerous first-class hotels in Chihuahua offer comfortable accommodations for both the business traveler requiring efficient services as well as the leisure traveler wanting to relax before or after taking a train ride to Copper Canyon.

Culinary tours are very popular. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste the fish soup known as “caldo de oso” (which translates as “bear soup”) and discover “sotol”, an agave liquor typical of the region.

Family trips can be a stimulating experience. A travel plan might include a visit to the Nombre de Dios caves, a walk along the Paseo Bolívar to admire the mansions, and a chance to participate in cultural festivals and sporting events. The Festival de Globo, a hot air balloon show, paints the city’s sky with color. There are also several museums to visit including the Federal Palace and Poncho Villa’s mansion.

Chihuahua has three spectacularly beautiful National Parks: Basaseáchic Falls, Copper Canyon Park, and Cumbres de Majalca, the latter located about 45 minutes from the city.

You may be wondering about the Chihuahua dog. This small, possibly ancient, breed of dog originated in Mexico and was named after the state of Chihuahua.

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