The State of Mexico is one of the most important on a national level given that several of its municipalities combine with the Federal District to form Mexico City, one of the largest and most populous metropolitan areas in the world, making it a key player in the country’s economic development.

The beauty of its roads and villages makes this state one that fills the hearts of visitors with the purest spirit of Mexico. After visiting the State of Mexico, you’ll want to come back for more adventures and new experiences.

The Pueblo Mágico of Valle de Bravo (part of the “Magical Villages” program), the world-famous Pyramids of Teotihuacan, the lovely town of Malinalco and the wooded hills of La Marquesa with their campsites and family activities, are some of the highlights that enchant tourists.

Here there is something for everyone: hiking, horse-riding, skiing, zip-line, parapenting, fishing, motorbike trips and mountain biking; exploring and discovering archeological sites, some of world standing; visiting museums and historical buildings; and, of course, sampling the regional cuisine and shopping for crafts.

All of this makes your trip to the State of Mexico one full of emotion and culture at every step.

In Teotihuacan, for example, the Pyramid of the Sun with its 365 steps – one for every day of the year – and the Pyramid of the Moon, together with the perfectly aligned Causeway of the Dead, combine to make up one of the largest and most imposing ceremonial centers in all Mesoamerica, which year after year attracts hordes of tourists from within Mexico and overseas, fascinated by the grandeur of Aztec culture.

Meanwhile to please the palate there are numerous delicious and exotic options on offer. The traditional dish of the capital Toluca is chorizo sausage. This is used in the preparation of tasty sandwiches, tacos, sopes and stews that have diners coming back for more. Then there is the green and red mole sauce, barbacoa (slow-cooked goat or lamb), and escamoles (ants’ eggs) together with tecui, one of the many alcoholic beverages prepared with the maguey cactus.

Finally, traveling along the highways and streets of the state you can stop in any one of its villages or cities to celebrate together with the locals one of the regular fiestas that bring local culture and the beauty of Mexican traditions to the fore.

Climate: Warm, semi-humid
Temperature: 58.5°F / 14.7°C annual average
Location: Central Mexico
Area: 8,632 sq miles
Capital: Toluca de Lerdo