Huatulco is the ideal destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. Here you’ll find coral reefs that are the natural habitat of such species as angelfish, sea snails, crabs, puffer fish, marlins and turtles. You can also explore the remains of sunken ships.


Playa Santa Cruz. Located 4 km (2.5 mi) from Tangolunda. Thanks to the abundant marine life in the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the pleasant climate, this beach is excellent for scuba diving and snorkeling. Here you’ll find a large marine park and coral reefs about 100 meters (330 feet) off the coast.


Playa San Agustin. Located 35 km (22 mi) west of Santa Cruz Huatulco. This beach of fine sand stretches about 1,500 meters (4,950 feet). In its crystalline waters you can go diving and snorkeling along a white reef. You also can see the remains of a sunken ship.


Playa La Entrega. Located 2 km (1 mi) from the town of Santa Cruz. In the calm crystalline waters of this beautiful beach you can observe yellowtail, skipjack and pardo. The beach has restroom facilities, showers and rentals for free-diving gear.


Playa Arena. Located on the western end of the Conejos Bay, about 200 meters (660 feet) from Blvd. Benito Juarez. This white-sand beach with clear green-blue waters is a great spot to observe sailfish, dorado and roosterfish. You can rent snorkeling and scuba diving equipment on the beach.