Nayarit State in Mexico is one of the most beautiful and promising turistic speaking, by its beautiful coastal and large historical attractions and of legend.

Furthermore, the State of Nayarit, for Mexico is important by its huge mining wealth, sugar-bowl, fishing and floury. Its huge rich pasture sponsor also the cattle-raising emphasizing the cattle bovine, ovine, equine and goatish.

Nayarit is located in the northwest region of Mexico and limits to the north with the State of Durango and the State of Sinaloa, to the east and south with the State of Jalisco and to the west with the Pacific Ocean.

Nayarit counts on an extension of 29,378 km2, including the archipelago of the Mary Islands, the Marietas and the Island Isabel. Has a population of approximately 920,185 inhabitants.

The mean increase is of 100 meters on the level of the sea, with vast flatness and valleys cut by several mountainous chains.

The Nayarit name be formed by the word cora Nayar “God of the battles” and the completion It (adverb of place), that by and large means “Region where is adored to god of the battles”.

For Nayarit’s privileged geographical situation, where is found the Tropic of Cancer, has an excellent climate, abundant rains in the summer and very fertile soils, that produce great variety of flowers of great beauty and unequaled flavor fruits.

The center of the saw of Nayarit and the tinder with fry in winter and temper in summer. The nearby populations to the coastal with hot. The temperature annual average is; maximum 28.4º C and the minimal is of 13.6º C.

  • Compostela
  • Rincon de Guayabitos
  • Ixtlan del Rio
  • San Blas
  • Nuevo Vallarta
  • Tepic
  • Punta de Mita