The State of    Queretaro is located in the heart of Mexico, just two hours away from Mexico City and its a treasure chest awaiting to be discovered.

Queretaro State is one of the smallest in extension in Mexico with a population of approximately 1’404,306 inhabitants, since its greatness rests so much in architecture, as its wealth in historical facts, its beautiful spots, its thermal waters and curative, large heights to escalate and also caverns to descend and explore.

Located in the south of  the central table, Queretaro limits to the north and northwest with the State of San Luis Potosi; to the east with the State of Hidalgo; to the south, with the State of Michoacan and to the southwest, west and northwest with the State of Guanajuato.

Queretaro limits to three rivers: the Santa María de Acapulco, the Moctezuma
and the Lerma.

The Queretaro name originates of the “Tarasco” and originally of QUERETAPARAZICUYO or YCHAHTZICUYO, that to be abridged remain in Queretaro that it means “Game of Ball”. There are other versions that assure that the name originates of Querenda “Stone large or rock”; or of Querendaro “Place or large stones people or cliffs”.

With agricultural and livestock farming industries, the state of Queretaro has a largely growing rate of industrial development, and a gateway to the northern, central and southern regions of Mexico.

Its fast industrial development contrasts with the great beauty of its capital city, the historic downtown areas of which were declared Heritage of Mankind by the UNESCO.

Its excellent geographic location helped Queretaro to be the scene of most important chapters of Mexican history.

Queretaro is split into 18 municipalities and each one of them has its own tourism resources, that they invite to enjoy a rest depending on their pleasures, climate or landscapes.

The Queretaro climate is a gift for the lovers of the nature. Within territory is changing for the variety of heights on the level of the sea. Thanks to this, the spectacle panoramic that it can be appreciated within the entity is: El Chaparral Espinoso (The Prickly Chaparral), El Matorral Desértico (The Desert Scrub), El Sotobosque and El Bosque de Encino y Pino (The Forest of Oak and Pine).

Also, in the upper part of the Queretaro State, it can be enjoyed tropical climate and sub tropical of height, with an environment decorated by mountain chains and large valleys.

Toward the depths, in the subsoil, in the Arroyo municipality, exists the cellar deeper of the world, known as El Sotano de Barro (Mud Basement).

  • Amealco City
  • Peña de Bernal
  • Arroyo Seco Town
  • Pedro Escobedo Town
  • Cadereyta
  • Peñamiller
  • Colon
  • Pinal de Amoles
  • Corregidora
  • San Joaquin Town
  • El Marques Town
  • San Juan del Rio City
  • Ezequiel Montes
  • Santa Maria de los Cocos Town
  • Huimilpan Town
  • Santiago de Queretaro
  • Jalpan de Serra City
  • Tequisquiapan Town
  • Landa de Matamoros
  • Toliman Town

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